Project overview
Terminology is of essential importance for the operational value of any type of organisation, be it a public institution or a commercial enterprise. The value of terminology extends far beyond individual organisations as soon as it is used by external people. Terminology plays a central role in certain domains, including EU-related legal and administrative work, where it serves to overcome national and linguistic borders. It cannot be overstated that correct, precise and coherent EU terminology and EU Member States terminology is essential to avoid confusion and misunderstandings at any level.
The main purpose of the LISE project is to help terminology managers in public institutions and private companies improve the quality of their terminological resources in legal and administrative domains. The web-based interactive terminology service is workflow-oriented and provides input and feedback from best practices in legal and administrative terminology management. The technology used in LISE has been successfully used in European and national projects as well as in business operations.

LISE provides a web-based service to facilitate
•    accessibility of high-quality terminological resources in many domains and languages
•    dissemination of know-how about improving and using terminological resources
•    handling of the various coding schemes and data organisation systems
•    cross-lingual and cross-domain interoperability (syntactic, semantic, pragmatic) between existing technical applications
•    handling of cultural differences across language communities and domain cultures (administrative and legal language being the best example)
LISE is unique on the market due to the innovative nature of its technology. Current state-of-the-art technologies of corpus analysis, term extraction and term identification are combined with novel workflow and quality management methods. The service-oriented architecture of the LISE platform is workflow-oriented. Also, it is simple and easy to use.

The main result of LISE is a service platform which supports users in a series of workflow steps to clean, enhance and expand their terminological resources. Also, it facilitates linking terminological resources to other language resources and offering them to the users. Primary users are owners of legal/administrative terminologies and nomenclatures who benefit from the services offered. Secondary users are end users of such resources who will then have access to more data with better quality in legal and administrative domains.